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Issue Briefs

The Centre for Security Studies regularly engages in research work on themes and topics relevant to the field of international security through the publication of issue briefs on its website.

March 2024
Critical Resources: A Driving Force for Technological Advancement but a Growing Security Concern - Shehaan Sahni
January 2024
Balancing the Scales: Navigating the Interplay between Technology and Humint - Divyashree Jha
Myanmar's Civil War: India and China's Pursuit for a Peaceful Neighborhood - Harshita Mahajan
South Korea and NATO: Boosting Security, Cyber Threats, and North Korea - Jaskirat Gujral
Cyber Resilience in the EU - Vaibhavi Katal
Geopolitical Realignment in Greater Eurasia: India’s Strategic Imperatives and the Shanghai 
Cooperation Organisation - Arth Agarwal
China's Nuclear Submarine Accident - Shehaan Sahni
Chinese Economy and the  Possible Global Impact - Renuka Sreekumar
December 2023
Pakistan's Economy: Are Exchange Rates Fudged? - Tanish Srivastava
Taiwan's Counter-Measures Against Chinese Assertive Posture - Harshita Khaund
The Geopolitics and Militarisation of Outer Space - D. Sakshi
The Indo-Pacific Army Heads' Meeting - Aarushi Suvarna
Revitalizing Diplomatic Energy: The Resurgence of the China–Japan–South Korea Trilateral 
Summi - Aditi Hanninamane
Indo-Pacific Maritime Domain Awareness Initiative - Siddhant Kilpady
Dissecting NATO Chief's Remarks on the Russia- Ukraine War - Charunivetha Solai Gnanasekar
India and the Cyber Governance Architecture - Bhavyl Bansal
Understanding Directed Weapons - Aditya Gulati
The Israel-Palestine Conflict: An Analysis of The Latest Surprise Attacks by The Hamas - S. Shailesh
Navigating the Global Semiconductor Industry - Shashwat Kotiyal
The Challenges of Crypto Regulations - Madalsa Jain
France-UAE-India Trilateral Relations - Jayanti Dhingra 
July 2023

Indian Strategic Infrastructural Development in Arunachal and Beyond - Vaibhavi Katal

South China Sea: A Power Keg in Asia - Harshita Dey

Somalia: A Failed State? - Harshita Mahajan

June 2023

Philippines and Japan Defence Partnership - S. Shailesh

India-Africa Defence Cooperation - Aditi Hanninamane

Insurgency in Nigeria - Tanish Srivastava

Delhi's Strategic Investment in the Indian Ocean - Samyak Banerjee

Narcoterrorism in Northeast India - Shatakshi Tyagi

Evolving India-Myanmar Relations: Underlying Objectives and Values - Vedica Karnik

The National Security Strategy of Japan: An Analysis - Shehaan Sahni

I2U2 and Shared Strategic Goals - Aakrith Harikumar

May 2023

Restoration of Saudi-Iran Relations - Sankalp Wadhwani

Vietnam's Presence in the Spratly Islands: The South China Sea Dispute - Vanisha Krishnani

China’s Assertion in Latin America and the Caribbean - Harshita Mahajan

Venezuela as a Petrostate - Satyansh Tomar

Exploring the Potential of Lithium Resources in Kashmir: Opportunities and Challenges - Akhilesh Dwivedi

India, France and the UAE: An Analysis of the New Strategic Trilateral Partnership - Smruthi Chandrasekar

Evolution of Terrorism in Africa: Analysing The Complexity of Long-Term Conflicts and Foreign Intervention in The Region - Rehet Bains

The UK-Rwanda Migration Asylum Plan: Analysis - Anoushka Rawat

November 2022

The Future of Indian Border Infrastructure and its Preparedness - Vaibhavi Katal 

International Intervention in Myanmar - Yashvi Sachdeva

Military Strategy of Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine War - Vanshika Sirohi

Piracy and Terrorism: Possibilities Collaboration - Jaskirat Singh Gujral

Ukraine’s Nuclear Policy: The Politico-Legal Perspective - Gayatri Kasibhatta

The Game of Domination in the Arctic and Antarctica - S. Shailesh

Arms Control Measures in the Middle East - Bipasha Banerjee

Developing the Role and Impact of OSINT on Security Planning - Kanak Mohiley

Challenges to Economic Security in Sri Lanka - Shilpa Santosh

October 2022

The Evolution of Saudi-US Relations - Mehak Johari

Future Prospects of Drone Swarm Systems - Prabal Padam Singh Rana

India's Aerospace Security: Technological, Budgetary and Policy Issues - S. Shailesh

China's Growing Influence in the Global Arms Market - Vedica Karnik

Tracking American Critical Technology Transfer and Allied Concerns - Arshdeep Singh Dutt

Hypersonics and the Global Order - Aaryan Panchal

Civil Side of the Ukraine War - Aditi Hanninamane

September 2022

Nordstream Pipeline Attacks - Nandini Bhatnagar

Role of India and China in the Global South - Manshi Suhag

Mitigating the Rise of Terror in Kashmir - Pradeek Krishna

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea - Ojus Sharma

Islamic State and its Affiliates - Sukhrit Kaur

Role of Private Military Companies in Combating Islamic Terrorism - Aakrith Harikumar

Chinese Marine Corps: Evolution and Purpose - Mehul Singh Gill

August 2022

India in the Indian Ocean Region: Development in HADR - Atri Patel

An Assessment of the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy - Raghav Dua

End of  Autonomy in Hong Kong and Macau - Smruthi Chandrasekar


State Cyber Offensive Capabilities: A Multi-Domain Operation Construct - B.S. Ashish

Evaluating India’s HADR Diplomacy - Mihir Vikrant Kaulgad

BIMSTEC in Lieu of SAARC: Not Exactly a Great Replacement - Femi Ann Varghese

Analysis of 5G and Future Prospects for the Indian Armed Forces - Arun Teja Polcumpally and Bibaswan Bose


May 2022

Scope Of Quantum Technology in India - Hardika Dhanpuri

Indian Ocean and India's Modern Warfare - Tony S George 

April 2022


Biden's Indo-pacific Strategy - Aditi Nahata

Central Asian Republics' China concerns - Sukhrit Kaur

Geopolitical convergence and challenges facing Iran and Russia in Eurasia - Smruthi Chandrasekar

Is the West Declining or is the East Rising - Ojus Sharma

Privatisation of Indian Space Sector - Anushka Mokta

Progress Report: United States Space Force - Raghav Dua

What will Russia gain from Ukraine invasion - Mahek Bhanu Marwaha

Houthi attacks on UAE - Basangouda Patil

The Russian Energy Market - Masha Tokas

BrahMos Deal: Balance of Power in the Indo-Pacific - Aditi Maurya

March 2022

The future of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) - Sahej Veer Singh

Chinese revolution in military affairs - Mehul Singh Gill

Pondering war - renewed tensions in Ukraine - Samruddhi Pathak

The AUKUS alliance - Amit Kumar

Kurile islands dispute - implications for the Indo-Pacific - Yukti Panwar

Comprehending Chinese psychological warfare against India - Atri Patel

A new Osake in an old bottle - the new Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida - Ashutosh Kumar

Anti-satellite weapons (ASATs) and Weaponization of Space from the Lens of International Law - Ahan Mohit Gadkari

The role of the Bush Doctrine in the failure of US operations in Afghanistan - B S Ashish

February 2022

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy of India and its preaching - Arun Teja Polcumpally

Blockchain technology and its importance in the military applications - Arun Teja Polcumpally

Politics of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline - Mihir Vikrant Kaulgud

Pakistan's citizen centric national security - Femi Ann Varghese

India's double hook strategy - Sonal Mitra

India-Vietnam Strategic Partnership - Khushi Mahendru

China's New Land Border Law - Yukti Panwar

Critical technologies of Israel & India - Karthika Ellangovan

January 2022


India’s Race of Technology and Digitisation - Arun Teja Polcumpally


Hypersonics and the global disorder - Rayan V Bhagwagar

India's new air defenders - the S-400 Triumf air defence missile system - Akhilesh Dwivedi

The looming nuclear threat with Iran - Joseph Punnen

Bidens immigration policies and its impact on Latin America - Khushi Baldota

Maritime security and the misuse of AIS - Mihir Vikrant Kaulgud

The Return of JCPOA - Piyush Singh

Northern Sea routes and shipping regulations - Karthika Ellangovan

The world on fire: a global ecological threat - Aulina Pandey

October 2021

Current trajectory of the KSA-Iran conflict - Ananya Singh

Efficacy of FONOPs in countering Chinese expansionism - Atri Patel

Brexit: the future of Northern Ireland - Yukti Panwar

Resurgent clashes in Ethiopia - Femi Ann Varghese

Joint EU Cyber Response Unit - Palak Minda

Evolution of Filipino policy vis-a-vis China - Ahan Mohit Gadkari

The tension under the sea: analysing International Security Concerns Related to Undersea Cable Networks - Sahej Veer Singh

August 2021

The Afghanistan crisis: India's strategic hedging - Nehal Dadhich

The Islamic Insurgency in Mozambique - BS Ashish

The missing piece of India's defence paradigm: the defence white paper - Joseph Punnen

Erdogan and the rise of Neo-Ottomanism in Turkey - Pradeek Krishna

Surge in cybercrime in Brazil - Mehak Dhiman

Pros and Cons of Theatre Commands - Mehul Singh Gill

Drones: The new aerial threat - Vedant Saigal

Integration of Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy post 26/11 - Mehak Dhiman

July 2021

Weaponisation of 5G - Rushil Khosla

Growth of the Indian Private Defence and Aerospace Sector - Preeti Sharma

Why terrorism continues to flourish in Western Africa - Pradeek Krishna

British attempts to maintain a global military presence - Palak Maheshwari

Disruptive technologies in the Indian Armed Forces - Vedant Saigal

Inter-Korean missile capabilities - Sahej Veer Singh

Assessment of Gender Parity in UN Peacekeeping - Aulina Pandey

Role of Women Combatants in DRC - B.S Ashish

EU Peacekeeping in Africa - Jyot Shikar Singh

Israel-Palestine Conflict on Social Media - Medha Shukla

Baltic Air Policing - Mehul Gill Singh

Colombia's internal unrest - Nehal Dadhich

June 2021

Coca and Colombia - Swati Batchu

India’s National Intelligence Grid - Sonal Mitra

Russia’s troop build up across Ukraine - Piyush Singh

Terrorist or Revolutionary? - Kritika Karmakar

Asian Hate Crimes - Bhanavi Bahl and Khushi Mahendru

China's crackdown on online education forums - Khushi Mahendru

Future of the Indo-US military partnership under Biden - Sonal Mitra

Resurgent clashes in Ethiopia - Swati Batchu

Terror and Identity: countering illegal Bangladeshi migration - Rayan V Bhagwagar

The ball-game of Russia-China convergence and how the US figures in - Himanshu Dubey and Khushi Baldota

The Israeli military industrial complex and its success - Samruddhi Pathak

May 2021

What, when, why of DARPA - Arun Teja Polcumpally

India AI Stack - Arun Teja Polcumpally

UK D10 and 5G - Arun Teja Polcumpally

US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its effects - Himanshu Dubey

Hazara prosecution in Pakistan - Piyush Singh

India's Ocean Policy - Ishita Dutta

UK Space Command operations and possibilities - Samruddhi Pathak

March 2021

China's investments in Indonesia - Khushi Mahendru

Ethnicity and conflict in Myanmar - Zoya Raj Singh

January 2021

Increasing cyber attacks on Healthcare Systems - Khushi Baldota

Challenges to EU cyberspace - Bhanavi Bahl


The politics and tussle of energy resources: taking a closer look at the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and the South Caucasus Pipeline - Faraz Siddiqui


Africa’s growing foreign military bases a race for regional superpower? - Himanshu Dubey


Mapping India’s data security and sovereignty - Jahnavi Pande

Diplomatic contest in IOR - Jyot Shikhar Singh

The role of women in terrorist organisations: case studies within South East Asia - Khushi Baldota

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the Navy - Mehak Dhiman

Russia’s critical technologies and hypersonic capabilities - Nandini Bhatnagar

Drones and terrorism: the dynamic road - Piyush Singh

NATO: cyber security and cyber coalition - Urjasvi Ahlawat

November 2020

Drug cartels in Latin America - Samruddhi Pathak

North Koreas Missile Program: instability in East Asia and the role of the US - Ishita Dutta

CPEC and extremist attacks - Sonal Mitra

October 2020

Transactional diplomacy and the consequence of US sanctions on Chinese companies - Jyot Shikhar Singh

The Kra of Isthumus - Sagar N

Chinese applications and data security in the 21st century - Ishita Dutta

August 2020

SITREP: Daesh post-Baghdadi - Rayan V Bhagwagar


Balancing the trapeze: US sanctions on Iran and the Indian response - Grace Cheema


Science, Technology & Society (STS) approach to the new Security Studies - Arun Teja Polcumpally


Kerala’s remittances trap - Joseph Punnen


The McDonaldization of terrorism - Siya Bindal

US military aid in Asia - Rayan V Bhagwagar

Unconventional hydrocarbon-based sources: possible source of India’s energy security? - Medha Nibhanupudi


An analysis of the Chinese white paper of 2019 - Samyukktha Miriyala


Human trafficking trade in India - Sankalp Sreenath


China’s involvement with insurgent groups in North-East India - Swati Batchu

July 2020

Terror and cyber finance: use of crypto-currencies by terror Organisations - Kritika Karmakar

India’s maritime frontier: Lakshadweep, Andaman and the Indian Ocean - Zeus Hans MendezRole of India and China in the Global South

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