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Welcome to the
Centre for Security Studies

at Jindal School of International Affairs, Sonipat


Centre Director Prof Dr Pankaj Jha visited the Indian Council of World Affairs to gift the two policy series books to DG, ICWA Ambassador Dr TCA Raghvan and informed him about the work we do at JSIA and the Centre for Security Studies.



Analyse and investigate actions of states and non- state actors that are critical to contemporary international security issues

Publish articles, policy briefs and reports on topics which are not extensively discussed by most available sources

Provide research opportunities for students interested in understanding the increasingly dynamic 21st Century international security environment

Comprehensively identify, define and examine the political, social, economic and human costs of security

Provide fresh, new perspectives to the subject with the aid of our student led research initiatives

"Indemnity for the past and security for the future"

- Bertrand Russell

It is our solemn belief that there is nothing more important to our Nation's future, to our economy, and to our security than ensuring education and awareness of the next generation.

Researchers at the Centre for Security Studies regularly author and publish pieces on a vast variety of issues having an impact on international relations and security.

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